S ometimes it's simply the best to tell everything to someone new, who knows nothing about us, a person that must protect her or his own reputation by forming and preserving a discreet and reliable contact and relationship. My suggestion to you is to make me this new person, your coach and your continuous support. I, myself have once made a decision to try, to talk to a certain Marija, and then ... I continued to learn everything there is to know about coaching. I completed the Academy for Professional Coaching.

Speaking from personal experience, it is certain that after coaching, you become the complete and the best version of yourself. The coach is there for you when you are alone, with no ideas and defeated. The coach is there for you when you have life decisions to make and to overcome problems from the past. It's up to you to decide if you want to take the burden off yourself and take concrete steps to create a better life.

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“It is never too late to have a happy childhood.”

Virginia Satir


Nataša Gaćeša

Professional Coach

D uring 2016, I began to systematically put in order the numerous literature I collected during the years, studied for myself and my soul and, at the same time, I was studying to become a Professional Coach. I made the decision realizing that only one topic is the essence of all the books and the literature that I read, I keep my eye on and acquire from all over the world. The decision was to dedicate myself professionally to coaching. I was born in Zemun in the early seventies and I attended elementary school there. I went to Philological Gymnasium and Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. I completed my Professional Coach training at the Slavica Squire Coaching Academy 2018. I speak and function in in English, German and French language. Since I became aware of myself, I considered myself to be a cosmopolitan and a champion.

I wrote and published the book "Nothing without the Soul" published by Plato. I am the parent of a successful and loud drummer - a teenager. Once, I read the statement by Mira Trailovic; The hardest thing for me was to be stronger than I actually am. I would formulate my experiences so far in a similar way. I would recommend myself as a Professional Coach for personal growth and development, for performance coaching and for decision making and public appearances. Just for starters, others are irrelevant. Without any dilemma, everything about coaching is inspirational, and I have selected the topics I enjoy the most, first of all because they concern the starting point and that is ourselves. If we do not feel comfortable in our own lives, everything else is than on hold.

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Aleksandra Mirković

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Bojana Slijepčević

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T he best thing is to first talk to the coach and then agree how your joint work will look like. It's up to you to decide and try it out for once. You can relax into the conversation guided by carefully created questions, get to discover the unknown about yourself, get to see a little further, get to know yourself a little better, strengthen everything you want in yourself. Find your direction, strengthen your psyche.

"The one who discovers that how the world will look like, depends on his own spiritual balance, has stepped over a threshold."

Herman Hese